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About D'Arcy's A.R.C.
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Welcome to D'Arcy's A.R.C., a registered charity providing animal rescue in Manitoba. Our shelter is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from situations of abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse.  Our animals are given the veterinary care they need and a safe, caring and comfortable place to live until they are adopted for life.
Charity Number: 861952828RR0001
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New ShelterD'Arcy's A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Centre) was founded by D'Arcy Johnston, a former Animal Health Technician. The ARC officially opened its doors in November of 2001. Prior to that, D'Arcy operated a cat rescue out of his north end home. The ARC has always operated as a not-for-profit organization. In November of 2004, the ARC received its official charitable status. The operations of D'Arcy's A.R.C. are focused on providing shelter, veterinary care, and adoption services for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Since 2001, over 8500 animals have found permanent homes through the ARC. At any given time, there are over 150 animals awaiting adoption through our St. James location, thrift stores, and foster homes.

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D'Arcy's A.R.C. is a registered charity dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Manitoba.

We provide shelter and veterinary services to each animal in our care until a permanent, committed home is found through our adoption centre. We work towards alleviating animal overpopulation by ensuring that every animal handled by our organization is spayed or neutered.

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At the ARC, we consider the stray, abandoned and abused animals that come through our doors to be our main clients. We provide them with:

  • An initial veterinary checkup
  • Follow up veterinary care and / or medication where necessary
  • Comfortable and safe temporary living quarters
  • Opportunity for socialization
  • Patient care and assistance with emotional issues
  • Exercise, high quality food, fresh water, soft beds
  • We work hard to find our animals appropriate permanent homes where they will be treated well and treasured for life.

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At D'Arcy's A.R.C., we believe the animal / human relationship is a commitment entered into for life. Animals are not disposable, temporary or a matter of convenience. This value defines our adoption policies.

We also believe the quality of animal lives is important. We will not force an animal to endure pain and suffering through illness or injury that cannot be treated with reasonable success. Upon the recommendation of one or more veterinarians, we will compassionately end an animal's life to relieve suffering.

We also will not maintain animals with a high level of aggression that pose significant risks to shelter workers, potential adopters and the general public.

Because of this policy, we refer to ourselves as a for life shelter instead of a no-kill shelter. However, in keeping with the principals of no-kill shelters, we do not use euthanasia as a form of population control or a way of dealing with long-term shelter residents, animals with special needs or imperfections.


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We will

  • work with you to rescue stray and abandoned cats and dogs. If we can not take an animal, we will help you find another solution.
  • provide knowledgeable guidance to help you connect with RIGHT cat or dog for your lifestyle.
  • provide you with as much information as we have on any animal you are considering for adoption.
  • make the arrangements for the spay or neuter of your new pet.
  • provide post-adoption support by answering questions you may have about life with your new pet.




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